Strategic meetings

The tasks:

  • to set clear-cut goals and allocate responsibilities
  • create an effective company policy, elements of corporate philosophy etc.
  • develop and discuss KPIs
  • develop a change management plan

How to hold an effective strategic meeting

  1. Change the environment. Leaving the workplace is a must for all the participants to feel relaxed, perceive the information better and be aimed at a result-driven process.
  2. Invite an external moderator. A professional person from the outside will quickly find the details that might have been unnoticed by the company staff. 
  3. Invite third-party participants – for the same reason.


Our solutions:

  1. Peaceful, beautiful, atmospheric and inspiring venue for the event.
  2. Invite a professional external moderator/coach.
  3. Provide full technical support for the venue.
  4. Develop a precise timing plan for the effective strategic meetings, make a program of the whole event.